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Life Fitness Fitness Equipment and Gear

Life Fitness equipment and gear provides you with everything you require to get in shape and stay that way. From treadmills and stationary bikes to fitness mats and flooring, these items allow you to exercise in the right way, as doing so incorrectly or without the right equipment could cause you to regress in your workout goals as opposed to reaching them. This exercise equipment can be used in a variety of locations, including your home, office, or gym.

When was Life Fitness founded?

Life Fitness is an exercise equipment and gear company that was founded in 1977 by Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson. They produce and distribute all of their fitness equipment and are known to have developed the first electronic stationary bicycle in the world. When founded in 1977, the company was originally known as Lifestyle, Inc. It wasn't until the company was sold to Bally Total Fitness in 1984 that it was officially renamed to Life Fitness. Through the years, Life Fitness has expanded their range of exercise equipment, starting in 1991 when they started to provide treadmills to customers. In 1997, the company purchased Hammer Strength, a manufacturer that dealt in weight machines.

What types of fitness machines does Life Fitness make?

Life Fitness offers a wide array of fitness machines that help in the workout of various portions of the body. Their fitness equipment is divided into systems offered to commercial facilities and ones available to individual consumers. Their home offerings are divided into strength training and cardio, although they offer a large number of accessories and gear that can be used with any type of exercise.

  • Cardio machines: Treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, lifecycle exercise bikes, rowers, and indoor cycling
  • Strength training: Home gyms, benches and racks, dumbbells and barbells, weight plates and bars, conditioning equipment, and hammer strength equipment
How do treadmills and ellipticals differ?

Treadmills and ellipticals are among the most common home exercise gear and are both effective at helping a person burn calories. When considering the purchase of one, you may want to know about the differences between these two systems.

Treadmills are highly versatile, as they offer a range of options that allow you to alter the incline, speed, and training program. They are designed to assist with natural movement by closely replicating the feeling of walking, jogging, or running. They help to strengthen the bones and muscles in your legs and thighs.

Ellipticals place you in a running motion without causing you to repeatedly have impact with a surface, lessening the impact on your joints. These systems typically have moveable handles that allow you to work out your lower body and upper body at the same time. You can set the system to stride in reverse, allowing you to strengthen an entirely different set of muscles.

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