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Levi's Men's Jeans

Levis Mens Jeans

Levis has a large selection of pants from which to choose. They offer skinny, slim, relaxed, athletic, straight jeans, and other styles to fit any body shape. Levis men’s jeans also include a large selection of denim colors that can be paired with different tops easily.

How long has Levis Jeans been in business?

Levis denim has been around since 1853. Levi Strauss was a German-American businessman who started the business in order to market blue jeans. Strauss opened the company during the California Gold Rush. While he was working, he determined that people needed clothing. Strauss and another tailor set out to create comfortable denim jeans.

What are some features of Levis mens jeans?

Levi’s owes its success to creating a company that offers high-quality jeans that stand the test of time. The company also caters to different styles as well as comfortable fits. Many men enjoy the straight, regular fit, and relaxed variations. No matter what size your body is, the pants are tailored to fit just right. The company’s jeans offer comfort for casual or slightly formal wear.

How do you measure for Levi’s jeans?

Use the following steps to obtain the best fit for a pair of mens Levis:

  • Measuring your waist: To measure your waist, youll need to place a measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist. Be sure that the measuring tape isnt too loose or too tight. If you have a 29-inch waist, for example, you may wear a size 28 or 29 in Levis jeans. Always select a size that fits or is slightly larger than your waist size to avoid any stomach discomfort.
  • Measuring your leg length: The leg length of jeans is known as the inseam. To measure your leg length on jeans, youll first need to try them on. While youre wearing them, have someone help you measure the inseam of the jeans. To measure the inseam of the jeans, your volunteer will simply measure straight down the inside of your leg from your crotch to your ankle using a measuring tape.
  • Measuring your thigh: Youll need to place a measuring tape around the fullest part of one of your thighs. This measurement may help you to determine whether a classic or relaxed fit would be ideal for your needs.
  • Measuring your hips or seat width: To measure your hips or seat width, youll need to place a measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips. Be sure to keep the measuring tape horizontal while youre doing this.
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