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A Look at the Lenovo Desktop PC With Intel Xeon Processing

For a computer that is as useful at home as it is in the office, the Lenovo desktop PC with an Intel Xeon processor is one that is versatile enough to meet both types of your needs. There are different Intel Xeon CPU models that fall into this category and they have various different features and functions.

What can a Lenovo PC with an Intel Xeon processor do?
  • Internet: Browse the Internet with your desktop computer and check email.
  • Home office: Run office productivity software or do homework for school.
  • Audio/visual: Use processor-intensive graphics or manipulate sound with auditory software that often requires higher processing speeds, DisplayPorts, and graphics cards.
  • Serious gaming: Play high-speed action games and virtual reality gaming with plenty of clock speed.
  • Telecommunications: Use voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video conferencing software on a computer such as an all-in-one or a Dell Precision.
What is an Intel Xeon processor?

The Intel Xeon processor is a line of Intel microprocessors originally targeted for the business and professional market, including workstations and servers, making them ideal for networking or when computing processes require a need for higher processing speed and more GHz. This includes processor intensive work with music, graphic art, and serious virtual reality gaming.

What operating system comes installed in these Intel devices?

Most of the Lenovo Intel desktop workstations come without an installed operating system, offering you the prospect of installing the operating system or networking software that meets your needs. Those that come with the operating system installed use Microsoft Windows, which can be Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10.

What types of memory are used by the Lenovo Xeon desktop PC?
  • RAM: Random-access memory (RAM), also known as the memory cache, is the short-term storage for information being processed. The Lenovo Intel PC comes with RAM sizes from 4 GB to 16 GB. ECC RDIMM memory is available.
  • Hard disk drive: Most of the Lenovo Intel Xeon workstations ship with hard disk drives (HDD), although a few come with no hard drive and boot directly into the BIOS.
  • Solid-state drive: A few of the workstations ship with a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of an TB HDD or a GB HDD. The SSD is not only faster than a hard drive, but a lack of moving parts makes it quieter to operate.
  • USB: Each workstation is equipped with universal serial bus (USB) ports which can be used, along with USB thumb drives, as auxiliary memory. The USB drives also allow the use of plug-and-play devices, including keyboards, joysticks, mice, scanners, and printers.
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