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What You Should Know about Bags for 14-inch Lenovo Laptops

A carrying case or laptop bag can make it easier to transport your computer while keeping it safe from potential drops and scratches. If you have a 14-inch Lenovo IdeaPad or ThinkPad that you need to bring with you, choosing a bag that meets your needs can allow you to bring your electronics and other valuables with you in one bag.

What types of laptop bags are there?

There are several different types of carrying cases or bags that may fit your Lenovo IdeaPad or ThinkPad. These options include:

  • Sleeve: A laptop sleeve is a soft or hard case that fits snugly around your computer. Sleeves often have padding that can keep your laptop secure when you put it in the pocket of another bag.
  • Briefcase or carrying case: This type of bag usually has a handle and one shoulder strap. Briefcases are frequently compact and often have room for your 14-inch laptop and a compartment for basic supplies, such as notepads and pens. You have the option of carrying this bag by the handle, over the shoulder, or even across the body.
  • Backpack: There are several different types of backpacks that may be available. Messenger bags go across the body but often have more room for school supplies. Traditional backpacks that go across the back have an extra padded compartment for your computer. A rolling laptop bag can also be used if you have to carry a large number of items in addition to your laptop.
What materials are used to make laptop bags?

Fourteen-inch laptop bags can be made from a wide variety of materials. Some briefcases and other professional-use carrying cases may be made from real or faux leather. Nylon can often be seen when it comes to backpacks and sleeves. Neoprene may also be used to line the interior of a bag as it is padded and resistant to wear.

What should you consider when choosing a laptop bag?

When looking for a laptop bag for your Lenovo computer, there are several things you may want to consider. Depending on what your specific needs are, you may want to consider:

  • Exposure: If you plan to use your bag to carry your computer outside in all types of weather, you may want a carrying case that is water-resistant or has reinforced corners in the event of a drop.
  • Additional space: Sleeves often do not have any additional room for other items. Other types of carrying cases may have a compartment just for your laptop as well as other compartments for school or work supplies.
  • Straps: Some straps may be basic with no features. Others come with a nonslip shoulder pad and the ability to be adjusted depending on your height or preferred carrying style.
  • Travel considerations: If you will be traveling on a plane with your bag, you may want to consider if it is "checkpoint-friendly."