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Leg Avenue Complete Outfit Women's Sailor Costumes for Halloween

Let people believe you sail the seven seas when you show up as a sultry lady sailor at the Halloween soiree. Transform into a sexy marine and guide your friends to a night of endless fun and adventure. eBay's selection of Leg Avenue sailor costumes will help you conquer the waves of fear you might feel during the creepiest night of the year. Harness your inner sea goddess in a sultry metallic blue halter-neck catsuit. A sailor cap or a captain's hat will have you feeling more nautical than ever! For something more comfortable, slip into an off-shoulder navy blue sailor dress and add a finishing touch with a white necktie or a waist belt. Go for complete outfits if you don't want to miss out on the nitty-gritty of the look. On eBay, you will find Leg Avenue women's sailor costumes in sizes ranging from XS to XL. While white and navy might be the signatory colors for the uniform, you can also go for red and other multi-color options available. The outfits are made from polyester material, and some of them might have some stretch to ensure you look ship-shape. Call for all hands on deck and ask your fleet to assemble at the Halloween party you plan on attending. Before you wet your feet and set foot on the ship, browse eBay and get your uniform ready.

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