Lawnmower Air Filters Parts

Things You Should Know About Lawn Mower Filters

If you're searching for lawn mower filters, there is a good chance you already know some basics about them. You may know the brand or the size but that's not always enough to make a good decision. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about lawn mower filters.

Is there more than one type of lawn mower filter?

There are four types of filters for lawn mowers. However, you should check with the manufacturer or your user's manual before selecting a new one that you've never used before. They may or may not be interchangeable. The four types of filters are:

  • Pleated Paper Filter (also called a paper panel filter)
  • Foam Filter
  • Dual Element Air Filters
  • Cylinder Filter
Should you clean or replace the filter?

First, determine if the filter is reusable. If it isn't a reusable filter, you shouldn't try to clean it. You'll need to replace it. For filters that are reusable, you can clean them a few times but eventually they'll still need to be replaced. Cleaning them repeatedly can diminish their effectiveness. A good rule of thumb is to replace your lawn mower filter every three months, or at the end of each season. This is especially true for summer since this is the time that most lawn mowers are used heavily. You should also consider air filters with seals since the seals can wear out.

Does it matter what brand you use?

There is no simple answer to this. If the filter is made from a company that manufactures lawn mowers, chances are that their filters are only designed for their lawn mowers. However, there are manufacturers that make "generic" air filters that can fit many different types of lawn mowers. They'll usually list compatible lawn mowers/engines or compatible air filters on the packaging. As for quality, there are some brands that are known to have better quality than others. You'll need to check reviews to see which brand you like better.

What are benefits of a HEPA filter in lawn mowers?

The purpose of a HEPA filter is to filter out small contaminants from the air for the safety of your health. This includes harmful bacteria and even viruses. These are usually used indoors. You don't necessarily need HEPA filters on lawn mowers since they are used outdoors. However, HEPA lawn mower filters do exist, so if you would like to have the extra protection, there is no harm in getting one. Keep in mind that they do cost a little more than others.