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Laptop Sleeve Cases

Laptop sleeve cases offer a lightweight alternative to laptop bags and come in a wide variety to suit all computers, including Windows laptops, Macbooks, and Macbook Airs. Laptop sleeves provide some protection against dust and scratches, but they do not protect against dropping or severe bumps. These cases are convenient for storing laptops and for providing additional padding during transportation.

What does a laptop sleeve do?

Laptop sleeves protect laptops against physical damage and dirt while the laptop is being transported or when it is not in use. They are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, which can be selected to suit personal use.

How do you choose a laptop sleeve case?

There are a few different criteria to look at when you are choosing a laptop sleeve.

  • Size: Choosing an appropriately sized laptop sleeve will impact how well it can protect your laptop. For example, putting a tablet or MacBook Air in a larger laptop sleeve will leave a lot of room for it to move around, which is not as protective if you drop or bump the bag. Many companies make laptop sleeves specifically sized for certain computers, such as MacBooks. Alternatively, you can use the exact measurements for your laptop to determine the right size of laptop sleeve for your device.
  • Material: Choose the material based on how you plan to use your laptop sleeve. Thicker and tougher materials, such as leather or ballistic nylon, are more durable and provide greater protection against damage. Microfiber and suede are thinner materials, which offer lightweight protection against dust and scratches. Neoprene is another material commonly used for laptop sleeves.
  • Closure: The most common closures for laptop sleeves are zippers and flaps, but you can also purchase a laptop sleeve that is open ended. You should choose the closure based on how you will be using the sleeve. Open-ended laptop sleeves are convenient for quick storage, but they are not secure for travelling. Zipper closures are very secure, but you should leave a small amount of room between your laptop and the zipper to prevent scratches.
  • Additional features: Some laptop sleeves are available with an additional pocket or pockets, which can be used to store your charger and other related items. Pockets are a convenient way to keep your laptop and other necessities together, even if you are transporting your laptop sleeve in another bag. If you prefer to transport your laptop sleeve in a bag or backpack, you can select a bag that has handles or rings, which you can use to attach a strap. If you select a laptop sleeve with handles or a strap, make sure that it is made from a material durable enough to protect your computer from normal jostling.