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Kreepy Krauly Pool Vacuums Can Keep Your Pool Looking Clean

A swimming pool is a nice convenience throughout the year, though it does take a little work to keep it maintained. Pumps and filtration systems offered on eBay can help the water look healthy; a pool vacuum can also improve the quality of the water. Kreepy Krauly has a full line of pool vacuums that can help you with the maintenance of your pool.

Is a filter the same as a pool vacuum?

These are two separate devices. The pool vacuum is different from a pump or filter. It can help clean around the sides and bottom of the pool. There are two different styles of pool cleaners. The automatic ones can operate in conjunction with the filtration system. The manual cleaners must be operated by hand.

Does a manual pool vacuum connect to the filter?

The manual vacuum is connected to both the filtration and pump system. This pool vacuum operates like a home vacuum cleaner. The hose lifts up any dirt from the sides and bottom of the pool.

Are there different styles of automatic pool vacuums?

Automatic pool cleaners come in three different styles. Each of these can be found on eBay. These pool vacuum styles include:

  • Suction side - This type of cleaner can move around the whole surface of the pool. It can even be programmed to move in a certain pattern. This style of cleaner is mostly used for an inground pool. The suction side vacuum operates with the pool pump. It attaches to either your suction port or skimmer.
  • Pressure side - This cleaner has a dedicated return hose. It uses the pressure of the water to suction up debris and move around the pool. An additional booster pump connects to the vacuum for extra power. All the dirt is deposited into a separate bag. This process helps eliminate any foreign objects from entering the filtration system.
  • Robotic - This vacuum acts as its own filtration system. It can be used as a second filter in your swimming pool. It does not need to be attached to the pump or filtration system. Some models can even be programmed to clean at a certain time. Most vacuums come with their own remote for even more convenience. The debris is contained within its own cartridge system.