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Power Your Digital Camera Using Kodak Camera Batteries

Many digital cameras from the Kodak photography company run on specialized batteries. You may need to replace a worn-out battery in your camera, or perhaps you wish to switch from disposable batteries to those you can use with a digital camera battery charger. There are many models, types, and styles of camera batteries available, and understanding their specifications may help you choose the right one for your needs.

What types of batteries are available to you?

Your digital camera will use a specific type of battery depending on its model number. It's important to understand the different types available in order to choose the correct one for your needs. Some of the main camera battery categories you may discover during your search include:

  • Standard: Standard camera batteries have a cylindrical shape with positive and negative connections at either end. They are usually available in "AA" or "AAA" formats. A battery such as this may be made from materials like metal hydride containing nickel or nickel cadmium components.
  • Li-ion: Lithium-ion batteries have a rectangular, flat shape. Many digital cameras will accept this battery style by default. You may be able to use a disposable lithium-ion battery via an adapter.
  • Rechargeable: You may be able to purchase either standard or Li-ion batteries in a rechargeable format. You can reuse these products after they are depleted with the help of a charger.
How do you choose a camera battery?

There are several methods by which you might choose a replacement battery for your device. However, you may find the following general steps helpful during the process:

  • Check your camera: Knowing the exact model number of your digital camera may help you cut down on products that are not compatible with it and may help you find the right one.
  • Check your battery: If possible, you may wish to check the current model of the battery you are using in your device. Some of these products can function in more than one specific camera.
  • Choose features: You may wish to purchase a battery that is made from specific materials, such as lith-ion, or that has extra features that make it compatible for use in a charger.
What camera battery capacities are there?

The power capacity for camera batteries is measured in milliamperes and is designated as mAh. You may be able to use the mAh rating of the unit to get an approximation of how many hours it will provide power to your device. Performing repeated actions may cause the actual charge rating to fluctuate. If you would like to purchase a battery based on its charge, some common capacities you may find include:

  • 600 mAh
  • 700 mAh
  • 800 mAh
  • 1000 mAh
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