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Using Kids' Pens & Markers for Art Projects

Simple activities can be the most fun, and using markers to create simple but beautiful artwork can be incredibly satisfying. Whether you're working from a coloring book or your own drawings, you can spend hours creating detailed artwork with few supplies. All you'll need is paper, pencils, and your pens or markers.

What can you use washable markers for?

Washable markers are water-based markers, and they can easily be washed off your walls and even your skin. If you have toddlers in the house, washable markers are ideal because you can wash off any marks that may accidentally get on your toddler's clothes or fingers. Washable markers can be used to create artwork on any clothes, paper, or even the ground.

When selecting washable markers for your children, make sure that they are non-toxic and that they are water-based markers. Then choose the colors you prefer.

What brands sell non-toxic markers?

Using non-toxic markers is crucial when you have little children at home. Why? Toddlers, especially, may accidentally nibble on the ends, getting some of the ink in their mouth. This can be dangerous if you're using a toxic marker. Crayola is one of the brands that sells non-toxic markers.

How do you use dot markers?

Dot markers are thick markers that you can use to create dots on paper. They are also called daubers. Because dot markers are rather thick, they are perfect for babies and toddlers to grasp. Dot markers are a good way to teach babies about motor control. With dot markers, you can also teach children about colors and how to combine them. Besides art, dot markers can be used to teach children basic addition, subtraction, and even the alphabet.

Can scented markers be used like regular markers?

For the ultimate fun when creating art projects, choose scented markers. Yes, scented markers can be used like regular markers. The only difference is that these kinds of markers come with different scents. Most scented markers are non-toxic, but remember to look at the label to ensure that they are. Toddlers who smell them may want to taste them, too, which can be dangerous if they're a toxic brand.

Can you get a multipack to experiment with colors?

Yes, multipack pens and markers are available at eBay. In fact, this is the best way to go. When you get a pack of pens or markers, you can get 10-100 choices of colors. The more colors, the merrier, as you'll have no limits to the colorful art projects that you can create at home or at school.

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