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Promote Creativity With Kids' Paint Sets

The early ages are a great time to bolster creativity and expose children to the arts. With its fun texture and bright colors, paint can make any art project exciting. Purchasing paint in sets will ensure you have access to a variety of colors and some of the other tools children need to produce artwork.

What supplies should you look for in paint sets?

There is a huge amount of variety available in paint sets, so the set you pick will depend on your specific needs.

  • Paints: Make sure you have a variety of colors. Getting at least red, blue, and yellow can be useful for teaching color-mixing concepts.
  • Brushes: Most kids will benefit from a decent range of both wide and narrow brushes.
  • Stamps: Stamps and sponges can help kids create fun designs even before they know how to draw.
  • Paper: Look for paper thick enough to stand up to the added moisture of paint.

What's the difference between acrylic and tempera paints?

Most kids' paints come in either acrylic or tempera. Acrylic is a plastic-based paint that can last for years and will stick to all sorts of canvas, paper, wood, and fabric surfaces. It tends to dry to a solid, slightly glossy finish. This makes it ideal for art projects that are meant to have sentimental value. Tempera has less staying power, so it typically is not used for fabric paint crafts. Tempera's big benefit is that it is washable and comes in both liquid and powder forms. This makes it great for low-mess projects where kids are experimenting with art.

What makes a paint safe to use on your body?

When you plan on using paint for face painting or finger painting, it is very important to select paints specifically designed for skin contact. Even if a paint is washable, it can end up staining skin. Paints that are labeled "nontoxic" might be safe to ingest, but they can still irritate skin. Therefore, it is important to look for products specifically labeled as finger paints or face paints.

How do kids' paint sets help cut back on mess?

Of course, one of the key features of any low-mess set should be washable paint. This ensures that if paint does stray, it can be easily cleaned up. Another helpful style is paint that comes in sticks or bottles tipped with a sponge. In this style of painting, you just draw with the container itself. This reduces the need for pouring out big globs of paint that can get tossed everywhere.