Kids' Bead Kits

Bead Kits for Creative Kids

Kids' bead kits come in a variety of styles and are designed for various age groups. These kits provide the materials, instructions, and inspiration they need to create fun and functional jewelry and craft pieces they can wear, give as a gift, or use to accentuate a craft project.

Can kids' bead kits promote sensory development?

Activities like bead crafting and making beaded jewelry promote sensory development and fine motor skills. This type of activity can also help kids focus and use their imagination to help their project come to life. People who want to provide children with fun and beneficial activities should consider buying a bead kit geared to the recipient’s age group.

Which kids' bead kits are ideal for young children?

People who are searching for a bead kit that’s ideal for younger children from ages 3+ should check out kits featuring pop beads or larger pony beads. They are easy for kids to handle and allow them to be creative with their projects. Most kids' bead kits have age recommendations that can serve as a guide to making your purchase.

What types of bead kits are available for purchase?

There are many different types of crafts children can make with kids' bead kits or jewelry kits. Many kits will come with suggestions or instructions on how to make basic items such as bracelets and necklaces, however, the child’s imagination is the limit. Some items children can create with a bead kit include rings, keychain holders, zipper tags, and more. Adult assistance may be necessary if kids are under the age of 10 or planning to create a complicated project.

What types of beads are found in kids' bead kits?

There are a few different types of beads found in a kids’ bead crafting kit. Each particular bead has a unique look and can be used either together with other different types of beads for an eclectic, fun look or a single type of bead can be used to make more refined styles. Experiment with the different types of beads to find out which ones work for your kid’s needs. You may want to purchase a kit with different bead styles first to figure out what each looks like and can add to the project. Here are the basic kid’s beads found in most kits:

  • Pop beads - larger beads that connect to one another
  • Perler beads - heat activated beads that will fuse together
  • Pony beads - barrel shaped bead that are used to create jewelry and other crafts