All About Kaleidescape Home Theater Systems

With a Kaleidescape home theater system, you can enjoy a first-class cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. The video and sound are frequently better than in commercial theaters, and users have access to over 10,000 dramatic films, documentaries, concerts, and other shows. eBay has an excellent selection of expensive Kaleidescape components if you're looking to upgrade or start from scratch with your own home theater adventure.

What does "lossless audio" mean?

Kaleidescape systems, available on eBay, use lossless audio, which means that sound compression is kept to a minimal level so that the listener is hearing sounds that are virtually identical to the real ones. This is accomplished using compression algorithms that flatten silences to almost zero space and retain all data and are in contrast to audio formats such as MP3 and WMA that use algorithms that discard some data. With lossless audio through Kaleidescape, it's like actually hearing the sounds from the film or television show live in your living room.

How does the Kaleidescape onscreen display work?

The online display of the Kaleidescape system not only lets you choose the film you want to see but also exact scenes quickly and easily using a fast and elegant user interface. There are no trailers or warnings to get in the way of the viewing experience, and you can move around within a film without slowly fast-forwarding. Furthermore, you can integrate your Kaleidescape system with many audio-visual control systems to enable features, such as the lights dimming when the film begins and automatic adjustment of the film's aspect ratio.

Can children be blocked from seeing specific films or scenes?

Kaleidescape systems on eBay have parental control features so that you can be confident that your children are watching only what you want them to see. Furthermore, you can have systems of servers and players set at different access levels in different rooms of your home for adult and child guests to enjoy. All content below a certain level even in screen art can be restricted, and access is only through a pass code that is blindly entered.

How does Cinemascape Technology work?

In short, Cinemascape Technology improves the viewing experience by eliminating the changes in lens movement and projector modes that often come with viewing films with different aspect ratios. To use Cinemescape, you must also be using an HDMI connection where the display accepts a 1080i, 1080p, or 2160p signal. Cinemascape is available on the following Kaleidescape systems:

  • M-Class
  • Second Generation Cinema One
  • Alto
  • Strato
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