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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Kicker 2 Channel Car Audio Amplifier

Your vehicle's audio system can be an enjoyable feature. A good amp is a necessity if you want booming bass and clean high tones. If you're looking for a Kicker 2 Channel amplifier for your car, there are some factors you'll want to take into consideration.

What kinds of amplifiers are there?

These devices come with different classifications that are designed to be used for different audio-related applications.

  • Class A: These systems have low signal distortion rates, good sound, and the highest linearity.
  • Class B: These systems utilize transistors that conduct half of the time. They are not recommended for use with precision audio amplifications.
  • Class C: These devices feature designs that do not produce high amounts of linearity.
  • Channel outputs: Amps can also be distinguished by the number of channels they utilize. They can be configured with one (mono), two, four, and five channels.
What is a 2-channel amplifier?

Purchasing a 2-channel system is a good choice if you're planning to use it in your vehicle to power speakers and subwoofers. The 2-channel systems offer versatility and can be used to power a pair of subwoofers and speakers. That's good news if you need to power the speakers in your driver and passenger doors. Additionally, 2-channel devices combine the signal output of the two channels by bridging them, which is good for powering subwoofers.

How does RMS wattage impact your system?

RMS wattage is a measurement of power. This measurement represents the continuous power output that is produced or can be handled by your amp. When pairing amps speakers and subs, it's important the RMS specifications match. An amplifier must be able to handle the RMS output of the subwoofers that you are pairing with it. This is a preferred power measurement to go off of than some other wattage measurements that may be provided.

Is peak power important?

Peak power is another wattage measurement. Peak power tells you how many watts are produced by equipment in short peak bursts.

What filters are available?

Some systems are enhanced by filters to help you get the audio quality that you desire.

  • Bass boosts: Bass boosts augment the low frequency signals produced by a subwoofer.
  • High-pass: High-pass filters help to remove unwanted low frequencies.
  • Low-pass: The opposite of high-pass filters, these remove high frequencies.
  • Subsonic: Subsonic filters remove the inaudible low frequencies that can be produced by some subs.
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