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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing JVC 3D TV Glasses and Accessories

When you want a more realistic experience watching movies and other types of media, 3D glasses deliver a more immersive feel and put you in the middle of the action. These glasses are designed to add depth to what is shown on the two-dimensional television screen. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of styles and types of JVC 3D TV glasses and accessories at affordable prices.

What are the available types of new JVC 3D glasses?

The available types of new JVC 3D glasses on eBay include:

  • 3D transmitter: This style uses a wireless transmitter in order to track the movement of your eyes through the lenses.
  • Active 3D: This type of 3D technology uses active shutters and infrared signals in order to communicate with the television or projector.
  • Passive 3D: Passive 3D glasses filter light into different wavelengths. The lenses are polarized, resulting in superimposed images that your brain interprets as having three dimensions.
What are some features of the fun JVC 3D glasses?

Some features offered by JVC 3D glasses on eBay include:

  • Adjustable: The frames are adjustable to accommodate your temple and ear sizes.
  • Lightweight: The frames are lightweight and comfortable to wear for a few hours during a movie.
  • Scratch-resistant: The lenses of the 3D glasses have a scratch-resistant coating for protection.
  • Anti-glare coating: The glasses are outfitted with an anti-glare coating so that you do not experience screen glare while wearing them.
Which types of media are compatible with JVC 3D glasses?

The media compatibility of the JVC 3D glasses include:

  • Televisions: The glasses are compatible with televisions that offer 3D capability.
  • Projectors: These glasses are compatible with home theater projectors that show videos in a 3D format.
  • Computer monitors: Use the glasses with a computer monitor that has 3D video compatibility.
  • Tablets: You may use the glasses with tablets that have 3D capability.
How do you choose a pair of JVC 3D glasses?

When you are shopping for a pair of JVC 3D glasses on eBay, consider their:

  • Color: Some options include red, white, silver, and black.
  • Accessories: Some of the glasses come with a USB charger, case, lens cleaning cloth, or pouch.
  • Size: The frames come in widths of five to six inches in order to fit your face.
  • Quantity: Some of the glasses come in a set of two or four pairs. You can also buy a single pair on eBay.
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