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JBL Computer Speakers

Find Out If JBL Wireless Computer Speakers Meet Your Needs

With wireless computer speakers, you can stream your favorite music anywhere throughout your home office or workplace. When the weather is right, you can even operate them through your laptop and use them outside.

What are some features of JBL wireless systems?

The JBL wireless system has a host of unique features that differ from other standard speakers. A few include:

  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker technology: Just connect your favorite device like a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, then press play and start jamming.
  • Slipstream port technology: Lower distortion levels and a greater bass output provide listeners with a richer and purer sound.
  • Built-in power amplifier: The power amplifier yields a sound stability that is exactly how studios meant for you to hear it.
  • Powered 2.0 computer system: Additional acoustic technology provides audiences with a deep sound that expands. This adds a higher quality of audio to your music and a theatrical or studio-like feel.
  • 1/8-inch headphone jack: It includes a headphone jack that works with your personal listening device or any other device that does not have Bluetooth capability.
How do you turn on the Bluetooth functionality?

When you power your wireless speakers on, you can enable pairing mode at the same time. In order to do this, search for Bluetooth devices from your tablet, phone, or computer and pair your device. The white LED lights on the speaker will change to blue once you have linked up successfully. The pairing code, if needed, is 0000.

Will the wireless speakers work with an LCD TV?

The wireless computer speaker has the ability to connect to an LCD device with wireless technology or a headphone output. It will also connect to virtually any device that has Bluetooth technology or a headphone output.

Are the speakers portable?

JBL wireless computer speakers are compact and dont take up too much space in your personal work area. This also means that they can fit into your luggage so you can travel with them for use with your laptop.

What is the wireless streaming quality?

The wireless speakers come with Harman TrueStream Technology. Unlike regular wireless streaming that compresses audio from the source and leads to degradation, TrueStream has features that enhance the listening experience. Some features of the technology include:

  • Audio codec selection based on the available bandwidth
  • Connection setup and switching
  • Audio-signal processing that stops the quality from degrading due to source compression
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