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Irritrol Garden Watering Timers and Controllers

Proper irrigation of lawns and gardens has its challenges, especially for larger areas that are not equipped sufficiently to handle this task. Unpredictable weather (sudden, unexpected rain or overnight freezing, for example) needs to be considered. The installation of Irritrol garden watering timers and controllers to the irrigation system can go a long way toward helping residential and commercial customers save time and make sure that areas are watered only when programmed to do so and needed, thus maintaining the health and vitality of the landscape.

What is the Irritrol Climate Logic Wireless Weather Sensing System?

This unit consists of two components: a wireless transmitting weather sensor for installing outdoors and a receiver module for attaching to the Irritrol controller. This system monitors weather data, transferring this information to the module. This will then, based on the weather, alter the controller's program. This helps to provide water-saving, automatic irrigation control with the use of simple components.

Does Irritrol provide a controller for typical residential use?

Irritrol features their Kwik Dial Series, a system that combines simple water sprinkler control with a sophisticated controller in a user-friendly way. Scheduling flexibility for water sprinkler control is made possible by automatic, semiautomatic, and manual options for operation. The timer regulates watering intervals and can make subsequent changes to water dispensation based on seasonal adjustments. And the Irritrol controller is available with the optional Climate Logic Weather Sensing System.

Is there an Irritrol controller for groundskeepers?

The Irritrol Rain Master Eagle and Irritrol Rain Master Eagle Plus are systems intended for landscape managers and ground maintenance personnel that need a fully automated, Smart ET (evapotranspiration) weather-based irrigation controller. Some of the key features in this Irritrol controller and operation include:

  • Watering days for each program.
  • Flow sensing and control.
  • Configurable master valve type and programmable master valve.
  • Four independent programs.
  • ET-based scheduling.
Where do homeowners commonly place timers?

This is really a matter of personal preference, as long as the unit is well within reach of a power source. People who install timers outside have the convenience of knowing that if a technician needs to service the controller, the owner doesn't have to be there to let them indoors to access the unit. If timers are in view of the yard, it can make it easier to check specific zones or valves. People who choose to put timers indoors may prefer knowing that they always have quick access to the unit.