Cortadoras de plasma industriales

Plasma Cutters

An Air plasma torch provides you with an option other than an oxyacetylene cutting rig. They give you the ability to seamlessly weld or manipulate a wide variety of metals, alloys, and other materials.

What are air plasma cutters?

Air plasma cutters are special instruments that make use of high-energy gases to cut, shape, melt, and otherwise manipulate various metals and materials. Air plasma may sound complicated, but its simply a state of matter. Other familiar material states are liquids, solids, and gases. Plasma conducts electricity, and plasma cutters include special electronic nozzles capable of controlling and directing the plasma stream.

What kinds of materials can you cut with these tools?

A plasma cutting torch is most effective on metallic and conductive materials. You can cut conductors even if they approach 3 inches in thickness. Another factor important to cutter operation is the power levels of the machines in question. The power levels of a given system depend on the amount of energy delivered to the system. That said, most of the larger handheld models can cut metals up to 3 inches thick.

How big of an air plasma tool do you need?

Air plasma tools create intensely hot and focused beams of ionized gas. As such, even “small” cutters can deliver considerable amounts of energy to metallic surfaces. For example, smaller handheld models can reliably slice through quarter-inch steel, and larger ones can slice up vehicle-engines. With that in mind, you should choose a tool capable of handling your future building materials.

Is it important to stay conscious of your consumables?

It is since consumables are the parts of your welding and cutting rig that are most prone to wear and tear. These can include the nozzle, lines, and driers. In order to maintain quality and performance levels - and to maintain your safety - you should keep a maintenance log and replace older components before they break. In addition, you will want to keep the lines free of debris or contamination, and also operate your rig at safe temperatures.

Do you need a special air compressor for plasma guns?

Most commercial air compressors are capable of producing pressures of between 20-60 PSI, which is more than enough to effectively service most plasma cutters.

Is it possible to make submerged cuts?

In some situations, it is. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, if you make cuts that extend deeper than 1-inch under the surface, a slight attenuation of power levels may occur.