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A gas welding torch is one of the most common pieces of equipment you will find in a welding shop. Oxy-acetylene welding torches can be used for a large variety of tasks when working with metal. Brazing, welding, and cutting can all be accomplished with an oxy-acetylene torch.

What is gas welding?

Oxy-acetylene welding was first developed in 1903 when two French engineers discovered that by combining acetylene fuel and oxygen together they could create a flame strong enough for welding and cutting metal. The oxygen and the acetylene are fed through a separate hose into a regulator to combine into the right mixture to create a powerful flame. Each gas is stored separately in a cylinder and is only combined in the regulator when the torch is ready to be used.

What metals can be welded with oxy-acetylene?

Oxy-acetylene welding torches only work on metals that are iron-based. These include steel, copper, magnesium/aluminum, brass, cast iron, and galvanized steel. Other types of metal may melt, warp, or lose their integrity if this type of flame is applied to the surface.

What is oxygen cutting?

Oxygen cutting is one of the things that you can do with an acetylene gas torch. If you are going to use your gas torch for cutting, you need to make sure that you use the right tip. A cutting tip has three valves instead of two. The extra oxygen valve allows the welder to adjust the flame to make it more effective for cutting. You must make sure that you regulate the oxygen and acetylene correctly to create the right flame. If you do not adjust your torch correctly, it could go out or not become hot enough to use.

How hot is a gas welding torch flame?

When you set the acetylene and add oxygen to weld or cut, the flame that you use is around 3,800 degrees Fahrenheit. The combination of acetylene mixed with oxygen is the only mixture that is hot enough for welding steel. This mixture is so powerful that you that you can actually use this type of torch to weld underwater.

What other types of equipment are necessary for gas welding?

When you are welding with this type of machinery, you will need to have a cylinder of acetylene and a cylinder of oxygen to fuel the welding. You will need a hose for each type of fuel, and you will need a valve for each hose. You will also need a regulator for each tank to ensure that you can control the gases. Always check your regulator before starting any job to make sure it is working properly. Other tools, such as a striker, a hammer, and welding wire, will be necessary to complete any job.