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How to Purchase Gas Welding and Cutting Kits

Youve got your goggles on and youre all ready to get on with oxygen metalworking, but suddenly, your cutting torch glitches out. It might be time to purchase new gas equipment, and when you buy a welding and cutting kit, you have everything you need right at your fingertips, usually in a portable carrying case to let you take your supplies from job site to job site with ease.

What Comes in a Welding Kit?

A complete gas welding kit means you get more than just one device for welding and cutting metal. Kits vary as far as how many components they include, but most kits at least come with a few standard components youll need to get the job done.

  • Most kits come with one or more regulators. These are usually oxygen regulators and acetylene regulators. These parts are used for cutting when using the oxygen-acetylene method, though there are other methods that you can use.
  • Attachments for cutting and working with metal are included in most fuel gas kits, including handles and nozzles.
  • Pipes are another crucial component when it comes to a welder kit. Some kits come with heating and welding pipes as well as gas rubber hoses. 

What Are Welding Torches and Cutting Supplies Used For?

For home or business use, welding and cutting equipment has a variety of applications that can make these kits handy for numerous construction uses, such as heating and air or plumbing.

  • Brazing is one type of metalwork for which you can use gas welding equipment. Brazing involves using an alloy, which is a blend of two or more metals, to join two types of metals together. The alloy is used as the filler to combine the metals, and the alloy is melted by a high-pressure system that uses elevated temperatures.
  • Soldering is another use for gas welding supplies. When you solder, you use a lower temperature to bond metals together, such as gold, silver, or iron. You can also solder electrical parts together for conduction purposes. To do this, a soldering station is necessary, along with special parts like a soldering iron.
  • Cutting metal is another purpose of these types of supplies. A cutting torch kit provides the implements you need to employ the oxy-acetylene method of ironworking to cut with accessories like tips and attachments that work with a torch.

Which Brands Offer Welding Kits?

After you decide which supplies you need in a kit, you can focus on the brands that may offer what you need for your specific applications. Torches with an efficient flame produce less gas and may save money on gas expenses.

  • Victor makes the TurboTorch oxygen torch along with a kit filled with supplies all encased in a rolling tote bag for portability, including hoses and pressure regulators.
  • Harris equipment for medium-duty jobs offers an acetylene torch kit with a tote bag. 
  • You can find portable gas welding equipment kits and torches from Cobra. Its Pro-Master kit offers the supplies necessary to weld numerous types of materials, including aluminum. A low-velocity flame allows you to weld in a smaller, more concentrated area, giving you greater control over the gas flow.

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