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Hoyt Archery Equipment

Hoyt is a company that produces archery equipment. Whether you need a bow for hunting or target archery, you can find a wide selection of styles and accessories.

What are the types of archery?

You may not know it, but there are different types of archery. Here's a look at five categories of archery.

  • Target archery: This involves shooting arrows at a designated object, such as a bullseye. This activity can occur in a group, at a special event, or even in your own backyard.
  • Traditional: This typically involves the use of a simple bow that may not include an arrow rest or sites. This style is often seen at medieval fairs and for cosplay.
  • Field archery: It is designed as a course, generally through some type of outdoor setting. Marks are set up at various angles and distances.
  • 3D archery: It is similar to the field category, though you shoot at three-dimensional objects that are typically created to resemble animals, both small and large.
  • Bowhunting: Along with bowfishing, this is not only used as a sport but as a way of life. This type is used for those who want to go out and collect their own food.
What are the different types of bows offered by Hoyt?

Hoyt offers bows that are suitable for all types of shooting. The two main styles are the recurve bow and the compound bow.

What are the features of a compound bow?

The compound bow has a system of strings and pulleys to provide a strong thrust with less effort on the draw.

What is the Hoyt Charger?

The Charger is a fast compound bow that is designed for stealth. The low-profile logo and matte finish allow for camouflage so you can blend into the scenery. The Charger weighs 4 pounds and its load is distributed evenly to reduce flex and recoil.

What accessories can be used with the Hoyt Charger?

Each archer has his/her own preferences. Common items include a quiver and some arrows that will work with your chosen sport.

What type of bow is used for targets?

Either a recurve or a compound bow by Hoyt will work for shooting at marks, though only the former can be used for Olympic-style shooting. A compound, such as the Hoyt Charger, requires less strength during the draw. This can help when you need to release multiple arrows over an extended period of time.

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