Learn Your Way Around a Honda Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are used for residential and commercial purposes such as removing mold, stains, and more. The appropriate use of pressure washers depends on the PSI, which determines the water pressure. Affordable new or preowned Honda pressure washers from eBay can be used for a wide variety of projects.

What are the different types of Honda pressure washers?

Being familiar with the types of Honda pressure washers available will help you make a purchase decision that will meet your needs. The wands of the pressure washer may be made specifically for a particular type of water. Keep the following in mind when making your choice:

  • Cold water: Pressure washers that use cold water, such as the Honda GX200 or GX390, will remove dirt and debris.
  • Hot water: Pressure washers that use hot water, including the Honda GX630 and Honda GX690, will remove oil and grease.
  • Parts washer: This type of pressure washer uses a gun meant for spraying tools and parts up close to clean them.

What are some of the top features of pressure washers?

  • High PSI: Some models have a PSI of 2,000 or more.
  • Wheels: Wheels on pressure washers make it easier to move from site to site.
  • Adjustable nozzle: This kind of nozzle allows you to adjust the spray pattern as well as the power of the water jet due to how much pressure is behind a focused stream versus a diffuse spray pattern.

How do you choose a pressure washer?

You can use the following factors to narrow down your search for the appropriate pressure washer. on eBay:

  • Power Supply: Determine if you need the unit to be electric or for it to be powered by gas.
  • PSI: Decide how powerful you need the unit to be in terms of PSI.
  • Features: Explore features that include the nozzles and parts to find the ones that fit your particular needs and the requirements of the job you need to get done.

Do detergents need to be used with pressure washers?

Some PSI pressure washers are able to be paired with detergents or surface cleaners. Much of it depends on the model used and what you are trying to accomplish with the high pressure that is being applied to the surface. You might be able to find a soap nozzle to attach to your Honda equipment that would allow a detergent solution to flow into the water hose.

 What can a pressure washer be used for?

Pressure washers have a variety of uses, depending on the power of the model. Some of the most common uses include the following:

  • Cleaning a fence or building
  • Removing grime, gum, and other debris from a surface
  • Cleaning tools and supplies
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Removing mud and debris from equipment

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