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What You Should Know As a Photographer When Choosing Hensel Lighting

Flashes are able to bring out the best in your images during a photo session. Being able to control the lighting in whatever environment you are shooting in can aid you in being more creative as you are shooting your subjects. On eBay, you have the opportunity to make a selection between a number of Hensel photography lighting products to meet your needs as a photographer.

Why is it important to use a flash during photography?

Flashes allow you to expand upon your creativity as a photographer. When using a flash, you have the ability to avoid capturing blurred photos. The quick flash of light is able to freeze the subject to eliminate any shaking that may have been caused by movement of the camera or other noticeable vibrations. As a result of this, you are able to max out on the resolution of your camera.

Which compact Hensel flash has up to 40 flashes/per second?

The New Cito-500 is a flash with a duration that is extremely short. It can freeze some of the quickest motions for sharper images. The range of the settings is large with 9 f-stops to expand upon your options for creativity. This flash is equipped with a remote and sync for radio to aid in the overall flow of your work during your photography session.

What are some other flash units by Hensel?

Many of the compact flashes by Hensel come equipped with a built-in generator. The idea is that you want to be able to simply plug your device in and begin to work whether in the studio or on location. Some other Hensel flashes include:

  • Certo Series: This compact flash series is great for both beginners who want to experiment with photography and photographers who have just entered the world of professional photography. These flashes are built with active cooling. They also have a quick-change feature for added convenience.
  • Integra Series: This compact flash series is built for commercial photographers who work on demanding shoots. The Integra series includes active cooling capabilities, sturdy housing that is made of metal, free mask, 6 f-stops, adjustable range of power, and 300W of bright light.
  • Expert D Series: This Hensel flash series works well for portrait and editorial photography. The build is sturdy so that it can be used in a variety of different environments. Freemask is included in this series with very fast flash sequences.
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