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Keep Things Clean With Hayward Pool Chemicals and Testing Supplies

Hayward manufactures both saltwater chlorination systems and traditional chlorine feeders. No matter which method your pool uses, you still need to occasionally buy replacement Hayward salt cells, chlorine tablets, and even feeders to keep the system in working condition. You can find a wide range of new Hayward pool chemicals and testing supplies, affordably priced, on eBay.

How do chlorine feeders differ from salt water chlorinators?

There are two ways to disinfect your pool. The first is to use a traditional chlorine feeder loaded with chlorine or bromine tablets. Several different feeder systems exist, but they all work by dissolving the tablet in water and filtering it into the rest of the pool. The second option is to use saltwater chlorinators like the Hayward Aquarite system, which employs electrolysis to extract chlorine from regular salt water. This results in less chlorine than a tablet would produce, but the levels are still high enough to safely disinfect the water.

A Hayward salt system is easier to maintain than a traditional chlorine feeder. Hayward TurboCells only need to be replaced once every few years. Chlorine levels build up more slowly, and the water is usually gentler to skin and swimwear. On the other hand, both saltwater chlorine generators and the replacement salt cells can be more expensive than traditional chlorine feeder systems.

Different types of chlorine feeders

If your pool uses a traditional chlorine feeder, you could have either an inline or an offline system. Hayward makes both types of feeders; know which type you're using so that you can find the correct replacement on eBay.

  • Inline feeders: An inline feeder is connected to your pool's regular pipework. Water is diverted from the pipes into the chlorinator and then released back into the pool.
  • Offline feeders: Offline feeders are free-standing systems that connect to your pool with a separate set of tubing. The water may be reintroduced somewhere along the piping, or it may be pumped directly into the pool.
  • Floating chlorinators: Some smaller pools use floating chlorinators to disinfect the water. A floating chlorine feeder is released into the pool and removed after the water reaches the correct chlorine level. This option isn't nearly as effective as an installed feeder. There's also a safety concern because children could open the feeder and expose the chlorine tablets. Floating chlorinators can also stain the pool walls or steps if they remain in one place for too long.
How often do you need to replace your salt chlorination cell or chlorine tablets?

Traditional chlorine tablets take roughly a week to dissolve. Check your pool's pH level before you add a new tablet because you don't want the chlorine content to get too high.

Salt chlorination cells can last for months or even years. The Hayward Goldline T-Cell-15 is designed to last for three years. Cleaning or replacing chlorination cells too often will actually reduce their lifespan; you should only interact with the cell if something is wrong with your chlorine generator system.

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