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Operation Game Pieces

Operation is a family-friendly board game which young children and adults alike can play. It features removable pieces that can sometimes be easily lost, which is why is handy to be able to purchase replacement parts for the game.

What Is The Operation Game?

The game Operation was developed by Hasbro and has some features which make it fun to play:

  • Buzzer effect: The game uses a small pair of tweezers, and players take turns to operate and to try to remove different body parts. If the player touches the side of the opening where the pieces are being held, the game will buzz and a red nose on the patient will light up.
  • Patience and fine motor skill: Operation can teach children patience and fine motor skills as you have to be very precise to successfully remove the different body parts in this skill game.
  • Learn about the body: The Operation Game is a fun way to teach your family about the human body. With the light up nose and buzzer sound it can be very engaging for small children.

What Is The Range Of Pieces Available?

There are a few different types of the Operation game including a Spongebob variant and Spiderman variant. There are different parts available for these games so you should consider:

  • Packs of replacement parts: You can purchase value packs of pieces for all the different variants of Operation. This includes older editions of Operation like the Classic Operation Game and rare pieces for vintage editions of the game.
  • Single pieces: It is more difficult to find single parts available for purchase so you may wish to purchase apack so you have spare pieces of the other body parts for the future in case you lose those as well.
  • Doctor cards and specialist cards:In some game variants there are cards used to play the game. These cards are included in the replacement packs in case you need extras.

What Parts Can I Replace In The Game?

One of the problems with Operation is that it can be very easy to lose the parts contained in the game. You might wish to consider the following parts which can be replaced:

  • Funny Bone: This piece is located in the arm, which is a reference to the real name of the bone which is called the humerous.
  • Broken Heart: The broken heart is located where the heart would normally be on the human body and has a small crack running across it, representing having your feelings hurt (broken-hearted)
  • Butterflies in Stomach: The butterfly piece is a reference to a feeling of excitement or nervousness commonly felt as an upset stomach.

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