Hair Roller Pins

Hair Roller Pins

Hair rollers are a fast and easy way to add volume, wave, and curl to any hairstyle. It isnt uncommon for users to lose roller pins over time, but dont worry, you dont have to purchase a completely new set, just buy a package of roller pins or replacement clips that work with the type of hair curlers you currently own. Whether you are using heat or simply letting your hair dry, there is a roller for you and thus a roller pin that will help you get the exact style you want. The number one tip from professionals, when it comes to curling your hair, is never to brush it out once you remove the curlers; instead, use your fingers to style it.

Why do you need hair roller pins?

  • Hold rollers in place - If you dont want to hold the curlers in your hair while you wait for it to curl, then you need a way to get them to stay in place while you do other things. The only time you wont need a pin or clip to hold the curler in position is if you are using Velcro rollers or those that come with a fastener attached to it.
  • More time to get ready - Styling your hair is a must before you head out for the day and in order to get you out of the door faster, its best to use products that work while you are doing other tasks such as getting dressed, brushing your teeth, and putting on makeup.

What are the different types of hair roller pins?

  • Hot roller curved metal pins - When using a pin to hold a hot roller in place, it needs to be metal or at least made of a product that will not melt when put on a hot unit. Like the curlers themselves, the pins come in multi-sizes so that they attach snuggly and stay in place. Hot roller pins go on the outside of the product. You push the pin over the roller with one side on the top and the other on the bottom so that it holds it in place.
  • Roller clips - You can use roller clips on both heated and non-heated rollers. Depending on the type of clip, you will use hot roller clips over the entire roller to hold it in place, or you will take the clip and attach it to the inside and outside of the part closest to your head. Another option is to connect one side of the clip to the inside of one curler and the other to the inside of another curler to hold them in place. The latter two options require curlers that have an open inside that allows you attach the clip.
  • Roller Picks - If you use mesh hair rollers, the best type of pin to use is the pick style. Its a straight pin that you push through the curler. The majority of this type of pin is plastic, but there are some that made of metal. Again, as the other two types mentioned, these come in a variety of sizes with the most significant difference being the length. Larger curlers need a longer pin to hold it in place.