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A Quick Guide to HP Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer ink cartridges are the components that your printer uses to make physical copies of your documents and images for you. Before your HP ink runs out, you may want to consider getting an extra one to have a spare available. No matter which type of HP printer you have, you'll be able to find new ink cartridges on eBay for all of your color and black-and-white printing needs.

How do you determine which ink cartridges your printer uses?

The actual ink cartridges that you select will depend on the specific HP inkjet printer that you have. Since the company makes a variety of printers, it's always a good idea to double-check before ordering. HP printers come with a guide to inform you which type of ink you are supposed to use. You can also look at the printer itself to find the compatible products. On most of the HP multifunction printers, the exact cartridges you need will be listed where you install the ink containers in your printer. You can even remove the existing cartridges to find the right ones for your specific printer.

Finding the right cartridge on eBay is simple. You can search by the name of your printer model such as HP 61, HP 60, HP 951XL, or HP 56. You can purchase them by color, you can shop by price, or you can select them as a bundle or singly. Once you have the right ink containers, simply install the cartridges into your printer, and print as you normally do.

Are single HP brand cartridges available?

Yes, single cartridges are available on eBay. There are XL versions of HP print cartridges, which will give you substantial amounts of ink so that you can print a larger quantity of documents without running out. If you want to get affordable multiple cartridges at the same time, you can choose from a mixed lot or a multipack. The HP mixed-lot variety typically has black ink with one of the color choices. The multipack is two or more of the same HP products sold together in one package. The multipacks allow you to always have an extra cartridge on hand so that you don't run out of printer ink when you need it.

What color options are there for HP cartridges?

The color options available on eBay are:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Tricolor

The two most common cartridge color options on eBay are black and tricolor. The tricolor cartridge has a combination of cyan, magenta, and yellow. The black cartridge and the tricolor cartridge can mix colors together to reproduce the images or documents that you want to print. If you have a printer that requires specific colors, you can purchase the separate color cartridges.

Why do HP ink cartridges have expiration dates?

HP creates all of their products to last as long as possible. The expiration date on the ink cartridges is there to let you know that the product will perform as expected when used before this date. The composition of the liquids tends to change over time, and colors appear brighter and bolder when used before the expiration date.

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