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FAQs About HP Beats Laptop Notebook

Who says you can't have a laptop that's fun and allows users to handle serious business as well? The Hewlett Packard HP Beats laptop notebook is built with innovative music software and a Windows operating system that makes it easy to handle day-to-day business. The ultra-thin notebook is available for sale at numerous price points with various features on eBay.

Does the HP Beats have special audio features?

Yes, the HP Beats audio laptop features audio courtesy of Beats, the company famous for creating headphones and speakers. The innovative audio technology includes dual speakers and a subwoofer. A fast processor and an easy-to-use touchscreen make regular tasks fast and easy to complete. With HP Beats technology built-in, the laptop provides premium surround sound. The laptop is also created with an easy-to-use equalizer, so users can refine the sound to match any genre of music, including bass-heavy styles.

Does HP offer special software to create music?

In addition to premium sound, the HP Beats laptop notebook also includes a suite of applications designed exclusively just for musicians. Professional musical applications help users create music or learn to play an instrument. DJs can use this notebook to mix music, play music at venues, and even create playlists. It's made to be used in a variety of different settings and won't skip or shake, even when bumped. The premium sound makes it a great choice for streaming TV shows and movies too. eBay makes it easy to find the right new, refurbished, or used laptop.

Does the special edition Beats notebook have a unique look?

Yes, Hewlett Packard gave the Beats laptop notebook a stylish look that makes it stand out and even easier to use as a DJ in dark or low-lit areas like nightclubs. Like the headphones and speakers created by Beats, the laptop is only available in limited colors, including crystal black and red ice. Special style features that make this notebook stand out include:

  • Back-lit keyboard
  • Touchscreen
  • Vibrant clarity in low light
  • Ultra-slim design

Can users burn CDs or DVDs with this notebook?

Yes, the Beats laptop notebook is built with a SuperMulti DVD burner optical drive. What this means is the burner can read and write CDs or DVDs. With a fast processor, the process of writing DVDs and CDs is quick and easy. The laptop has plenty of storage space for a huge music library as well.

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