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HP Computer Speakers

What to Look for in Computer Speakers

A desktop computer and notebook model normally have their own provision for a built-in speaker. However, sound enhancements can add more benefits and even productivity to work and home tasks. Notebook manufacturers like HP give you the option to enhance the sound by coming out with different external speaker models like the NN109AA HP notebook speakers. Other audio companies like JBL make general sound system products for desktop and notebook computers.

Why Should You Buy a Computer Speaker?

  1. For gamers, it adds more pleasure to the gaming experience. Consider upgrading the sound especially if your desktop only offers a basic audio system.
  2. For music lovers, it amplifies the beauty and effect of your music files. Consider upgrading the computer audio if you have no space or the budget for an actual home entertainment system.
  3. For group broadcasting, it widens the reach of your audio. Consider upgrading if your computer handles group-related tasks like study groups and group film watching.
  4. For non-headphone users, its a good alternative. You dont feel comfortable using headphones for long periods of time but your computer doesnt give sufficient audio. Well, a computer speaker upgrade is desirable. Consider it especially if you dont like feeling restricted and cluttered by long wires and heavy headwear.

What Are Good Features of a Notebook Speaker?

  1. Connectivity. You may choose a Bluetooth speaker or Plug and Play stereo speakers. The better ones are easy to pair or connect.
  2. Inputs. If you want to plug in other devices, choose a speaker that allows multiple inputs, such as a smartphone or headphone jack.
  3. Controls. If you want to control your sound from your computer and directly from the speaker, choose a unit that has its own controls or that comes with a remote.
  4. System and Sound Quality. A 2.0 and 2.1 sound system gives you two channels/no sub-woofer and two channels/one subwoofer, respectively. Gamers and Music lovers may want to buy a speaker with those specifications. Remember to check the speaker unit for a balance of treble and bass.

What Are Qualities to Consider in a Speaker?

  1. Color. Black is the classic color. It blends in with all your other gadgets. Still, choose attractive colors if you want to brighten your workspace.
  2. Size. Consider buying a compact or mini speaker for your computer if you have limited space. Portability is important for small desks and travel, and little speakers can still have a surprisingly big sound.
  3. Price. You can find speakers that fit your budget and desktop by searching on eBay.

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