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Getting to Know the HP AMD Athlon X2 PC Desktop

HP desktop PCs with the AMD Athlon X2 Processor offer a number of different models that all utilize this particular processing chip, so which one you choose will depend on your needs and budget. This particular processing chip was also manufactured for a number of years, so different models of computers will operate at a number of different GHz or processing speeds.

What operating systems does the AMD Athlon X2 processor use?

The processor is optimized specifically for various versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The majority of computers with this chip will come with one of these versions of Windows pre-installed. While you can certainly upgrade to a newer version of Windows, the processor speed might not be sufficient to keep up with the demands of a newer operating system. Producing speeds are also affected by how many GB RAM your computer uses. In some cases, you can significantly increase your processing speed by upgrading your GB RAM. For optimal performance results from your HP desktop with an AMD Athlon processing chip, consider sticking with the Windows 7 Operating System or earlier.

How many cores does this processing chip utilize?

This was one of the first processing chips to utilize dual-core architecture. Dual-core architecture means that processing tasks can be split between two cores to allow them to process each task simultaneously. A dual-core processor is particularly important when you have several windows open and are performing different tasks at the same time, such as when you are downloading a large file and also browsing the web at the same time. One core will be focused on downloading the file, while the other core will be facilitating your browsing.

What HP desktop computers use the Athlon AMD processing chip?

While there is a wide range of Hewlett-Packard computers that use this particular processing chip, here are a few examples that are currently available and the speeds at which they process:

  • HP Pavilion s3500f 5400+ 2.8 GHz
  • HP Business DC5750 3800+ 2 GHz
  • HP Pavilion Slimline s5120y 7750+ 2.7 GHz
  • HP Pavilion A1430N 2.0GHZ
  • HP Compaq dc5750 3800+ 2 GHz
What components come with my HP desktop computer?

Some computers only come with the tower (what is often referred to as the \"hard drive\") but not the other components such as a keyboard, monitor or mouse. Some desktops are an \"all-in-one\" system, which means the hard drive or tower components are actually integrated into the monitor itself. In that case, the entire computer may be just the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Sometimes, however, all-in-one systems are only the monitor and you must purchase the keyboard and mouse separately. In other cases, what is being offered is the entire package of the tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

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