Finding the Right Green Paper Background

For professional studio photography, you can make your photos come alive when you add props and backgrounds that make the subject stand out, and one example of this is an emerald paper background. When youre putting a studio together, youll want to make sure you have backgrounds for every situation that comes up to ensure you get the perfect shot.

When Do You Use These Backgrounds?

There are a few occasions when you could use a green backdrop and it would be not only welcome but appropriate.

  • You could use this color of studio paper for spring photos to simulate the look of fresh grass. This could be cute for Easter photos with children and props like eggs and baskets.
  • A bright emerald background paper is a welcome and relevant addition to St. Patricks Day-themed portraits.
  • For colleges or high schools whose main school color is green, you can use these colored backdrops to shoot snaps of graduates or to take class photos.

What Considerations Do You Make When Buying Backdrops?

When youre looking for the right type of paper for your backdrop, there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop.

  • What size photo background do you need? This type of paper typically comes in a roll, so youll need to make sure you have enough to fit your purposes. Some also come in different widths and heights, meaning that you could purchase a roll thats 53 inches by 12 yards, for instance.
  • Do you desire a seamless paper background or is seamed acceptable? Youll notice as you shop that seamless is one of the descriptors in many brands of these backdrops, which means that the paper is smooth with no visible lines or seams in it.
  • Think about installing the backdrop in your studio. Do you have the supplies you need? When you dont, youll need to ensure you have photography supplies such as a telescoping pole, paper drive, or an entire support system for your backgrounds.

Which Brands Make Background Paper?

You can choose from a handful of reputable photography manufacturers that make supplies and accessories for studio shoots when you look for this type of background paper roll.

  • Choose seamless paper from Savage in a variety of designs and shades, including olive, mint, and lime. These are non-reflective, so there isnt a glare on the images.
  • You can get creative with Ella Bella seamless background paper with different designs that feature this color scheme, such as beautiful damask.
  • Select Calumet-branded photography supplies, including seamless, non-reflecting designs in shades such as sage. With the right supplies, theyre user-friendly when it comes to installation and use.

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