The Facts About Generic 52mm Camera Lens Hoods

A lens hood is one of the many camera accessories that can help both professional and hobby photographers get the photos they desire. Generic lens hoods can fit a variety of lens brands, and there are many 52mm options that can fit your specific camera. These products come in various shapes and styles, offering many options to cater to various photography styles and needs.

What is a flower petal lens hood?

Generic 52mm camera lens hoods come in different shapes, and a very popular option is the flower petal, or tulip, hood. This item has four petal-like extensions that protrude around the lens, extending forward from the lens. The petals are designed to shade the lens from light while remaining outside of view when photos are being taken. If you have a wide-angle lens, a flower petal option will prevent vignetting on the edges of your photos that would otherwise be caused by a round option.

What is the purpose of a lens hood?

These accessories are designed to reduce light flares, the bleaching effects of bright light, spots, discoloration, and glare when taking a photo. They cut out the light that reflects off the lens from odd angles, which result in these lighting issues. There are various options that are designed for various lens types, so it is important to consider the gear you have before selecting a lens hood. They can also be a great way to protect the lens from dirt and scratches when the lens cap is not covering it.

What are the benefits of a ventilated hood?

Some products incorporate ventilation slots, but these are not actually related to ventilation. These slots and style of hood are designed to make framing easier. Many can be somewhat bulky but ventilated products enable a clearer view from the viewfinder and rangefinder, making framing more accurate. Though these let in slightly more light than solid options, the difference is small.

What are these products made of?

Lens hoods are designed in a variety of materials, each offering various benefits and looks. All of these materials simply snap or screw on to the end of the lens:

  • Plastic: These are commonly made out of a hard plastic, which offers a lightweight option.
  • Metal: This is also a common material that provides a sleek look. There are many metal options that can be taken off and reversed for easy storage on the camera.
  • Rubber: There are also many soft rubber items, which are often collapsible for easy storage.
How do you know which hood will fit the lens?

While there are many lens hoods that are designed for a specific lens, there are also many generic options that are designed to fit a lens of a certain size. Before buying one, it is important to know what size lens you have. The lens will generally have a small label stating the size, and the generic product will also often be labeled with the size, such as 52mm. If the option you buy requires a screw thread that is not incorporated on your lens, you can buy an adapter that simply snaps on the lens and screws into the hood.