Finding a Gas Pressure Washer to Spray Away Messes

A gas pressure washer is a tool that can be used to clean many items around a home or business setting. These versatile pressure washers can be used to remove dirt, mold, paint, and gum from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, siding, fencing, and vehicles. New and used gas pressure washers on eBay work well in a variety of places because they are easy to transport and don't require a cord and electrical outlet.

What brands sell gas power washers?

Several brands sell power washers that use gas as the source of fuel. All of these have a range of psi and engine sizes. In addition, all brands have models that have wheels. Some of these brands include:

  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Honda
  • Simpson
  • Ryobi
What should you consider when buying a power washer?

When you consider purchasing an affordable gas pressure washer on eBay, be sure to consider the size of the machine, the size of the gas tank, the type of engine, and the wheels. If you plan on transporting your washer, smaller and more compact could suit your needs better because it will be easier to transport. You should also consider one with wheels for easy transportation. And if you want to go longer periods of time without putting gas in it, you will want a larger gas tank.

How do you change the pressure on a pressure washer?

The amount of pressure that your pressure washer delivers will depend on the psi rating on the washer and the type of nozzle that you use. A machine with a greater psi will be capable of delivering greater pressure. But the nozzle you choose will determine how the pressure is distributed. Most will have a range of settings, and you can choose to have a blade-like stream, a pointed stream, a light spray with less pressure, and many other variations. Additionally, you can adjust the amount of pressure the washer is exerting. Adjusting the pressure on a washer is also useful depending on the distance from your target and the length of the hose.

How do you know what kind of nozzle you'll need?

Most have multiple settings that you can switch between to adjust the dispersion of the pressure. You will also want one that has several settings so you can use your power washer for many kinds of jobs. The type you'll need depends on the material you're working on. For instance, one that delivers a thin blade of water works well for loosening dirt on concrete, but one that delivers a more dispersed stream might work better for spraying of a car.