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Keep Your Clothes Looking Fresh with Garment Racks

Unclutter your space and keep your clothes wrinkle-free by using a portable clothing rack. The closet is meant to organize your wardrobe space and provide storage for your garments, shoes, and accessories. Home organization supplies like racks for clothes and garments are available in durable materials with features that accommodate busy schedules.

What Are Some Good Ways to Use Garment Racks?

Aside from keeping your personal space neat and tidy, a portable rack keeps clothes you wear the most often easily accessible. You can place a chest of drawers nearby to store pieces worn less frequently, such as sweaters and cardigans. Color coordinate your clothing on the clothes rack so it's easier to spot specific pieces when you're in a hurry. Likewise, something as simple as lining all the hangers in the same direction saves valuable time. You can slide in a storage box closet organizer under the garment rack to provide additional storage options for shoes and accessories. Place two clothes racks along adjoining walls to maximize your storage potential or place one in a laundry room as a drying rack.

What Are Garment Racks Made Of?

  • Metal: Heavy-duty clothing racks made of stainless steel and chrome finishes won't rust and bend under the weight of your clothes. Depending on the portable rack you choose, most clothes racks have a weight capacity ranging from 200 to 400 pounds. Black metal racks may include a square tube bottom frame to strengthen the closet system frame.
  • Wood: Wooden garment racks may have wood or metal frames with a wooden shelf built into the design. Some designs include a hanging bar or wooden hooks for purses, neckties or hats.
  • Plastic Coated: Instead of having a chrome finish, racks are made of sturdy metal and sprayed with a durable plastic. As with racks made from other materials, closets come with extra storage space. Many garment racks include one or two bottom shelves, double rails or stands to hold boxes, shoes or folded clothing.

What Are Some Features to Look For?

These portable closets have a small footprint to use in a corner or other out-of-the-way space. They may have frames you can adjust for height and width when placing the organizer into a designated space. Moreover, clothes racks are built on omnidirectional wheels so you can conveniently roll it to another room. Plus, rolling racks also have space underneath to stack storage and shoe containers. You'll enjoy collapsible clothing racks that you can store under a bed or fit in your vehicle's trunk when traveling. Some people prefer a more permanent storage closet, such as a wall-mounted rack that includes an extra storage space on top.