Gaiam Yoga and Pilates

Gaiam offers a large and varied selection of accessories to help you get more out of your yoga and pilates routines. The company's mats, blocks, straps, and other yoga tools are designed to withstand even heavy-duty use.

What is a yoga block?

Yoga blocks are used by yoga and Pilates practitioners to aid with stability, facilitate certain poses, and ensure proper alignment. Yoga blocks, shaped like bricks, are designed to enhance your fitness workout. Beginners use them to modify challenging poses while advanced yogis use them to get deeper stretches. When choosing a block for personal use, you will need to consider the following:

  • Material: Yoga blocks are generally constructed from wood, foam, or cork. Wooden blocks tend to weigh between 1.5- to 2.5-pounds. They are usually sturdy and hold up well under regular and frequent use. Blocks made from cork are softer than wood, and they tend to weigh less. Foam blocks, which weigh only 3-12-ounces, are lighter than both wood and cork. They are lightweight and soft.
  • Size: The standard yoga block size is 9 by 4-1/2 by 3-inches, but smaller and larger sizes are available. Some fitness enthusiasts like to work with more than one block or with blocks of different sizes. If your hands are smaller or larger than average, you might find it more comfortable to work with a smaller or larger than average sized block.
How do you take care of your Gaiam yoga mat?

Use the following tips to maintain the look and feel of your mat over time:

  • Washing your mat: Hand wash your mat regularly to remove dirt and sweat. Use a soft washcloth and a mixture of water and non-oily soap. Wipe down your mat with the soapy mixture. Rinse out your washcloth with warm water, and then wipe down the mat again to remove soapy residue. If you prefer, you can make a 50/50 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. Follow the same procedure as with the soap. It is a good idea to wash your mat before you use it for the first time and after every few fitness sessions.
  • Disinfecting: Use a scented disinfectant spray to protect against bacteria and to give your mat a pleasantly fresh odor.
  • Drying: After washing and/or disinfecting your mat, hang it to dry.
  • Powdering: If your mat has lost its stickiness, apply a light sprinkling of baby powder or baking soda. Sprinkle all over your mat, and then wipe the mat with a clean, dry cloth..
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