Get Into Character with Fursuit Unisex Costumes

If you want to fully experience your furry persona, a fursuit unisex costume is an ideal method to literally get into character. Some used fursuits on eBay are in perfect condition, others are fixer-uppers for furry fans who prefer to do their own detail work and get hands-on in the experience. The variety of heads, bodies, and accessories is broad to help you get into your own specific character.

What comes with a complete fursuit?

A complete suit could entail a full-body costume. These plush outfits are generally worn without clothes over them. A complete fursuit could also entail a set of head, paws, tail, and feet to be worn with regular clothing. The variety is endless, with colors, patterns, and features to fit any furry persona. Some are realistic, while others go so far as to have sparkling fur in vivid colors to highlight the ruff, mane, or tail.

Are fursuits one-size-fits-all?

It depends on what kind of suit it is. Full-body costumes are typically one-size-fits-most; descriptions on eBay usually describe a height and weight range that will easily fit inside the fursuit. When it comes to partial fursuits, most are one-size-fits-all. Average adults should easily fit inside the head. While feet measurements generally need to be given in order to achieve a good fit, the hands are generally one-size-fits-most.

Variety of furry personas available on eBayFeatures that fursuits might include

Some prevalent animals are represented in eBay's wide selection of costumes. Feline and canine are among the common varieties, featuring dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, and big cats of various kinds and colors. Some have plain resin masks that you can adorn with your own choice of plush fur or fuzzy material. Others are exotic fantasy creatures such as griffons or dragons. Regardless of how common the base creature might be, each costume has its own personality and unique features.

One intricate feature that can be included in a furry head is a moveable jaw. This adds a still more lifelike characteristic to a fursuit, whether the appearance is more realistic or more like a caricature of a cartoon. Paws include such potential options as the number of digits on each hand for a more realistic feel.