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Fujifilm FinePix XP Digital Cameras

With a digital camera, you can snap pictures of your surroundings and save them on a digital memory card for later use. Digital cameras can be equipped with optical zooms that range from around 2x magnification to upward of 60x magnification. These cameras can also be powered by a variety of different battery types that include lithium-ion batteries as well as AA batteries.

What are some features available with these digital cameras?

These cameras can be outfitted with a wide range of different features that include a CMOS sensor, an LCD display, and a double-sealed battery door. Some of these models are equipped with optical image stabilization as well as a variety of filter effects. A selection of these devices can be connected to the internet via either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. The amount of megapixels available with these cameras extends from around 8.0 megapixels to more than 16.0 megapixels. The media format available with many of these digital cameras is the SD memory card type, although SDHC and SDXC formats may also be compatible. The focal lengths with these digital cameras can range from 20 millimeters to around 160 millimeters. The vast majority of these cameras come with USB ports for data transferal.

What are the different types of digital cameras available?
  • Digital SLR: This is a type of large camera that is referred to as a single-lens reflex camera and is outfitted with a wide array of different manual and automatic settings and features. Many of these features can be switched between manual and automatic depending on overall preference. These cameras come with interchangeable lenses.
  • Point-and-shoot: This is a type of compact camera that is designed with standard features, many of which are automatic. Both the focus and exposure settings are automatically handled before you capture a photo. They come with a single lens that is retractable when not in use.
  • Mirrorless interchangeable: This is a type of camera that comes without a mirror system, which allows it to have a somewhat compact design. This particular type of camera is usually outfitted with a viewfinder but can sometimes be equipped with a sensor. They also have interchangeable lenses.
  • Underwater: This is a type of camera that is designed specifically for usage underwater, which means that they are sealed with certain materials that allow them to work when scuba diving or snorkeling. They come with minimal features as well as a retractable lens.
  • Action: This is a type of camera that is equipped with certain features that are geared toward capturing action photos. They are built with hard materials and consist of a small design that can fit in the hand.
Which color options do digital cameras provide?

These digital cameras are available in a variety of different color options, the most common of which include blue and green. Some of the additional colors that you can select with these cameras include black, silver, orange, purple, yellow, and white.