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Fluke Networks RJ45 Computer Cable Testers

What Is an RJ-45 Cable Tester?

You may have heard of an RJ-45 cable before but perhaps you didnt know what it was used for. They are used with computers and in networking, but before you set up your system, you should use a special tester meant just for this type of connector to ensure that its working properly. Fluke Networks makes a number of network cable testers for this purpose.

What Are Some Features of Cable Testers?

Before you hook up the components you need for your computer, you can avoid wasting time by ensuring everything works as it should, which is where a cable tester comes in handy.

  • Testers not only ensure that your RJ-45 components work as they should, but qualification testers can isolate and test Ethernet, LAN, Cat5, and calibration patch cables.
  • Handheld models make testing connectors portable, as you can carry them with you on a job site or to any other places where you may need to test adapters and coax cables on the go. Some models even come with a carrying case, so you can keep your supplies organized.
  • A smart remote enables you to control the tester from a distance or perform certain functions via the remote control.

What Do You Use RJ-45 Connectors For?

You might already know that an RJ-45 connector is related to computers, but what do you really use these for? There are a common few ways you may already be using RJ-45 devices.

  • RJ-45, which also stands for "registered jack 45," is used to connect Ethernet cables for networking purposes.
  • Connectors include a male end and a female end on these oft-used cables. One typical feature is called a tab, which is a part thats attached to the cable and meant to keep it securely in place.
  • They also include eight pins and can be used interchangeably with other network cables known as RS-232 cables.

What Are Some Models to Select From?

You can check out some of the models that Fluke Networks has to offer when youre looking for an RJ-45 network cable tester.

  • The DSP-200 model includes a variety of supplies for any type of testing need. These include cable management software, a variety of testers and a remote, battery packs, and an AC adapter, with everything coming packaged neatly in a carrying case.
  • For a portable probe without all the bells and whistles, consider the MT-8200-63A device. This detects and isolates signals and interprets and tests speeds.
  • You can test bandwidth cables in a professional environment with the CIQ-KRQ CableIQ network tester, which locates and tests copper media like coax cables and audio cables.

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