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What Are Ethernet Cat 6 Cable Testers?

Cable testers are fairly self-explanatory in that they test cables for quality. There are many factors that go into whether a network cable is passing or failing, and that's what these devices are meant to discover.

What Is a Cat 6 Cable Tester?

In essence, they are network cable testers. There are a few facts that it can be helpful to know about these complex pieces of tech that can perform a multitude of functions.

  • A cable tester determines whether cabling infrastructure can support the communication network.
  • There are numerous types of testers depending on what you're looking for and on the results you're hoping to achieve.
  • These models refer to Category 6, which is a specific type of standardized cable that works for Ethernet and other purposes and is backward compatible with a few other types of cabling.

What Are Some Features of Testers?

These devices can tell you a great deal in mere minutes. Fluke makes a wide variety of testers for a multitude of applications, and there are some features that make using them hassle-free.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to access the information you need when you're using a network cable tester.
  • Adapters can test copper cabling and serve as replacements for a wiremap adapter. They also let you test, certify, and troubleshoot cabling in addition to testing speed.
  • Since tech changes almost every minute of every day, these cable-testing devices verify that connections can hold up due to variations in speed along with simply ensuring everything is installed and working correctly.

Which Models Can You Select?

When you're looking for a fiber tester from Fluke Networks, there are a few models to select from that provide distinct services and offer varied features.

  • The CableIQ Qualification Tester tests for issues and problems and configures devices. It's compatible with all types of cables that range from copper to twisted-pair, coax cable and audio cables. Its detailed diagnostics get to the root of any issues so they can be fixed.
  • Check into the IntelliTone Kit for a range of products in one convenient bundle. This kit includes a toner and a probe, and with these LAN cable-tester devices, you can locate active cables, confirm exact locations, and locate a short. This set uses the brand's SmartTone technology to distinctly isolate wire pairs as well as find different types of cabling, including audio, video, and voice accurately and efficiently.
  • A user-friendly updated interface makes the MicroScanner Cable Verifier a breeze to use. This device uses a graphical wiremap to find cables and can detect all media sources. Additionally, a backlit LCD screen makes the readings accessible even in low light, and the rugged exterior keeps your device protected.