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An Epson 3D Glasses Review

Hardcore fans of the 3D experience want the convenience of being able to enjoy the 3D experience at home. This experience includes smart glasses for virtual reality. You can purchase new and pre-owned Epson 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure on eBay at various prices.

What do 3D glasses do?

When you talk about 3D movies, there are two different ways to go about creating the 3D effect:

  • Make the movie: You can make the movie for 3D with two cameras filming in tandem.
  • Edit the movie: You can edit the movie after filming to insert the 3D effect via animation.

Both require 3D glasses to view the effect. The first gives the highest authenticity. However, this is a pricey option. The second option relies on both the method and the glasses used. The re-usable glasses similar to those at movie theaters don't last long. That's why you need a one-time purchase of a pair of 3D TV glasses, many of which are available on eBay.

How do you use RF 3D glasses for Epson projector?

First, decide on a projector for home or professional use, then choose your glasses according to your TV's resolution and display. Finally, determine if your movie is Epson 3D glasses-compatible by considering the movie's particular format:

  • RealD
  • DolbyD
  • IMAX3D
  • XPand 3D

Some people buy their 3D glasses according to their most commonly viewed 3D format. They also work for people who watch movies in theaters, which will feature specific 3D formats like IMAX 3D. However, if you watch movies at home, you will have to make sure that your glasses are compatible with your TV. Epson 3D glasses work for either LCD, projection, or plasma TVs. The benefit of using RF 3D glasses for Epson projector is not only the display but the ability to turn 2D images to 3D.

How do you determine whether Epson 3D glasses are compatible?

Here is a short Epson 3D glasses compatibility chart:

  • Epson active shutter 3D glasses: These work with the Epson Powerlite home cinema 3010, 3010e, 5010, 5010e, and pro cinema 6010 projectors.
  • Epson 3D glasses (RF): This is a model of RF active shutter 3D glasses, and it is rechargeable for up to 40 hours. It works with any Epson 3D projector.
  • The Epson 2150 projector: This is a wireless 3LCD home cinema projector that replaced the older hc2045 model. Another newer model, the Epson 2100, replaced the hc2040. The Epson 2150 has a smaller contrast ratio and includes support for Miracast. Both models support 3D and work with the Epson RF 3D elpgs03 glasses.
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