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How to Find the Right Cassette Deck

Dust off some of your old audio and go back in time with a Denon cassette deck. These single tape decks have numerous features that enable even your oldest tape to sound clear and crisp, not to mention that a cassette deck makes a fun addition to any stereo system, whether youre listening to some old country tunes or rocking a classic metal tape.

What Are Some Cassette Deck Features?

A tape deck will obviously play your cassettes, but many models have other features, too. These make the decks even more appealing and user-friendly while also enhancing the quality of the cassette players sound.

  • A cassette deck with auto reverse playback means that once you get to the end of side one, the tape automatically flips to side two without you have to get up, remove it, and manually flip it over yourself, so you can continue listening without interruption.
  • You can listen to your music without bothering anyone when you select a cassette deck with a headphone jack.
  • You can even record media onto blank cassettes when you select a stereo with a deck that not only plays but records as well.

What Is Two-Head vs. Three-Head?

You may notice as you browse for a new deck that some have two heads and some have three. Whats the difference, and how does it affect the sound of your tapes?

  • The difference really doesnt matter unless you plan to record frequently onto blank tapes.
  • A two-head deck is the most common type, where one head records and plays while the other erases.
  • A three-head deck features three separate heads for playing, recording, and erasing, which can boost the quality of your recording somewhat, in addition to letting you fine-tune the recording process and filter out any tape hiss.

Which Denon Models Are Available?

Youll want to select a versatile cassette tape deck from electronics brand Denon. These models offer various features, so select the one that fits your needs and the features you find most appealing.

  • For something a bit unique, you can load tapes horizontally with the DRS-810 model. This three-head device offers Dolby Noise Reduction for quality audio, and you can make numerous adjustments via the control panel to customize how your music sounds.
  • Check into the DRM-600 stereo cassette tape deck and enjoy a two-head design that plays and records along with offering numerous customization features like being able to adjust the treble and bass along with the volume.
  • The DRM-555 recorder and player boasts features like auto reverse, a built-in headphone jack, and a noise-reduction feature that lets your favorite songs shine without crackling and flutter.

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