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Dell TV Tuner

Why Would I Need a TV Tuner?

Turn your computer into a television with a TV tuner. Easy to install, you have the option of installing a permanent internal TV tuner card into your computers hard drive or use a USB external device to watch your favorite music video channel, new media, or sitcom on your PC.  You dont have to own a Dell XPS computer to use the companys branded tuner; most units are compatible with other brands. The first step is deciding whether or not you want to use an external or install an internal TV tuner on your computer.

What are the Benefits of an External TV Tuner?

  • Portability - Dont just turn your Windows 10 PC into a TV, take the device with you and watch "over-the-air" television on your laptop. Never miss the latest episode even if you arent at home or near a television, simply pull out your laptop and connect the device.
  • Easy setup - Plug and play means its easy to install, simply plug the unit into an available USB port on your Dell Inspiron or other model PC.
  • Doesnt use internal expansion slots - When the device doesnt need installation, it doesnt matter if you have an extra expansion slot or not.

What are the Benefits of an Internal TV Tuner?

  • Permanent fixture - It might not come built-in but once you install a TV tuner into your hard drive, its like a built-in. Its a permanent upgrade that is always ready to play. 
  • Improved image quality - Internal tuners tend to offer better image quality.
  • Dual input options - Not all models, but there are several, offer dual inputs. Having the ability to watch two programs at once via picture in picture or being able to record one show while watching another is a huge bone.

What to Look for When Choosing a TV Tuner

  • Satellite or traditional TV - Those that live in a dead-spot or an area where they arent able to get traditional TV signals should consider using a satellite TV tuner. On the flip-side, those that already have satellite service, a traditional tuner might be the better option.
  • High or standard definition - Just like your options on televisions and monitors, you can choose to go with high definition or standard resolution. HD tuners cost a bit more, but being able to watch shows in HD is worth it to some people.
  • Spare expansion slots - Before you decide on the type of TV tuner you want, check the specs of your desktop or all-in-one PC. Not all come with a spare expansion slot, which is necessary to install additional hardware. 

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