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Dell 15 Laptop Cases and Bags

No matter what you use your laptop for, you are going to want the right bag to transport it safely. Dell makes a variety of different cases including backpacks, messenger bags, and more to fit the needs of a range of customers.

What kind of bags does Dell offer?

The laptop carriers come in a variety of different options to fit the lifestyle of many people. The different styles of 15-inch units in the Dell product line include the following:

  • Backpack
  • Messenger
  • Rollers
  • Classic
  • Sleeve
What are the features of a Dell gaming backpack?

The gaming model is ventilated thanks to its V-shaped design. It is made with breathable mesh material to help aid in the air flow, keeping your hardware during transport. The material is also lightweight and can be carried. The material surrounds a molded shell to help to protect the computer and its games if dropped. You can store your laptop, games, and any other hardware accessories you may use because of the functional design.

What are some of the features of the computer carriers?

On top of their design, Dell 15 laptop and notebook cases have an array of other features including the following:

  • Adjustable straps - Regardless of your height, you can find a comfortable carrying length. Some models even offer leather straps.
  • Organizer sleeve panel - Store paper documents alongside your computer for easy access.
  • Lightweight - The lightweight material used during construction is designed to make it much easier to carry.
  • Dedicated laptop sleeve - Keep your computer in your case while in transit.
  • Easy-grip zipper - This makes accessing the documents and accessories quick.
Are they suitable for travel?

The roller cases are designed specifically for flying with your computer. They offer wheels and an extended handle for your commute from your home to your work or meeting destination. Gaming laptop cases offer another lightweight travel option and also fit other travel items. Messengers are another suitable option because the bag is small enough to be regarded as a personal item on your flight. The nylon construction of each Dell laptop carrier makes them suitable for your notebook for regular travel while in the sleeve.