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Cool Down With Cooler Master 120mm Computer Case Fans

Computer case fans keep the interior components of a PC cool and functioning properly. Case fans come in a wide variety of sizes, speeds, and designs. Choosing the right fan for your case depends on the size and use of your PC.

Is there a standard size for computer case fans?

The most common size for a computer fan is 120mm. This is the size that fits most PC cases. Another common size is 80mm. This type of fan is usually installed in the rear of the case. PC cooling fans also vary in depth. Most fans are approximately one inch in depth. Each fan size will cool at a specific cubic foot per minute (CFM) rating.

You may be able to tell what size fan you need by measuring the spacing between the mounting holes. Some of the common configurations include:

  • An 88mm fan for 72mm of space
  • A 120mm fan for 105mm of space
  • A 140mm fan for 125mm between holes
  • A 40mm fan for 32mm of space
How do you connect fans to the computer?

Fans can be connected to the power source unit (PSU) or directly to the motherboard. Every fan cable has either a 3-pin or 4-pin connection or header. Some types of fans may use standard MOLEX 4-pin peripheral connectors. MOLEX style connectors can be directly attached to the PSU. Some fans have sleeve bearing cables that protect the wiring.

Which way should the fan blow once its installed?

The proper direction for a cooling fan depends on its placement in the case. For most manufacturers, the side of the fan that has a label is the side that acts as an exhaust. A case fan placed in the front or the side of the case should be intakes for airflow. Fans on the back or top should be airflow exhausts. You need to pay attention to case fan placement to get the most cooling and airflow.

How many Cooler Master fans do you need?

There is no precise answer to this question. In short, you will need as many fans as possible to keep your PC operating at a normal temperature, which is generally around 50 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. The suitable operating temperature may vary from system to system, yet it is always good to keep it cooler. You can use software to check the internal temperature of your computer and add fans to make the temperature cooler. Systems used for gaming or video editing will likely require additional fans to make the GPU and CPU cooler.

What is a case fan's RPM?

The term RPM stands for revolutions per minute. This number tells you how fast the fan rotates. Different fans have different RPM values. Cooler Master models will run from 800 RPMs to 2,000 RPMs. Some fan models have adjustable speeds that allow the user to set the RPMs. The right speed is the one that sufficiently cools the system and supports air flow. You'll want to use higher RPMs if you're doing an intensive activity like gaming.

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