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How to Choose the Right Coolaroo Dog Bed

Dog beds made of fleece or other thick, plush materials can trap heat, especially as summer comes around and temperatures increase. To alleviate this, a bed made of lighter fabric generates airflow to keep your canine cool on even the hottest of days, but you should remember that several factors go into choosing a dog bed.

What Are the Features of Cot Dog Beds?

A Coolaroo elevated pet bed isn't like a traditional bed for pets. Instead of a fabric bed design, these beds are made of a lightweight fabric that offers numerous features for your dog, not the least of which is comfort.

  • Since the Coolaroo is elevated, it promotes air flowing in from underneath the dog bed as well as from all sides of the bed to keep pets cool.
  • The knitted, breathable polyethylene fabric keeps the bed cool, so even when the pet bed is outside, it doesn't retain heat.
  • The frame is constructed from a powder-coated steel that's sturdy but also light enough to move around. Additionally, the steel-framed, sturdy design makes it work well for outdoor use.

What Sizes and Colors of Dog Beds Are Available?

Coolaroo makes pet supplies for dogs of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small puppy dogs to full-grown breeds. Think about the material, and then what materials the beds are made of. Then, think about the size of your dog.

  • Small dog beds can support dog breeds up to 50 pounds, such as Maltese dogs.
  • Medium-sized beds work for dogs that weigh up to 75 pounds. Dogs in this size category include beagles and Cocker Spaniels.
  • A large bed fits animals up to 100 pounds, such as large dogs like Dalmatians and Golden Retriever breeds.
  • Elevated beds come in an array of earth-toned colors. These include Brunswick Green, which is a forest green shade; Terracotta, a rust color; Grey, a light grey shade; and Nutmeg, which is a rich brown tone.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Dog Beds?

Fortunately, elevated cooling pet beds are made from materials that are resistant to mites, mold, and mildew. Even if your four-legged friends have fleas, they won't remain on the elevated pet bed for too long, as these cots are flea-resistant.

  • To keep the bed clean on a regular basis, use a vacuum cleaner with attachments to remove pet hair and debris from the pet furniture.
  • Be sure to air dry the knitted fabric. Additionally, avoid using chemicals on the bed or putting the bed into a washing machine in order to extend the cot's lifespan.
  • Over time, if your dog bed wears out and requires replacement, you can purchase a replacement cover for your elevated bed. These come in the same sizes and colors as the original beds.