Los casos de parachoques transparente para iPhone 6

The Clear Choice: Transparent Bumper Cases for iPhone 6

Cell phone cases are available in many different transparent shades and finishes. Some include embellishments like rhinestones and glitter, while others are matte and smooth. Materials, features, and designs vary widely among clear cases for the iPhone 6, offering plenty of choices ranging from fully transparent to clear with a printed design.

What features are available?

Features for clear iPhone 6 cases include card pockets, screen protectors, clips, lightweight materials, kickstands, water resistance, and shock protection. Card pockets accommodate different items including IDs, credit cards, and debit cards. Screen protectors come in various forms, depending upon a particular kind of case. Some are housing cases that enclose the entire phone, whereas other screen protectors simply coat the front of the device.

Water resistance offers protection against moisture. Water-resistant materials like rigid plastic serve as barriers between water and the device, so you dont have to panic if you drop your phone in the bathroom sink right after you wash your hands. Clips attach to the back of a case in order to adhere it to an article of clothing or a bag. Lightweight materials like carbon fiber are utilized in order to keep cases as functional as possible.

Kickstands pull away from the lower rear of the phone in order to form an angle that supports the device so it is able to stand on its own. This means you can watch a video on the phone while you are doing something else. Shock protection absorbs greater impacts.

What designs are available?

iPhone 6 case designs include glossy, jeweled, matte, metallic, patterned, pictorial, plain, and tinted transparent. Glossy, jeweled, and metallic cases offer different levels of shine. Plain cases are typically a single tone, while transparent cases may use more than one tint of color. Patterned cases display an image repetitively, like gingham or paisley, while pictorial cases include different images or characters. Some of the characters, patterns, or images available include:

  • Batman
  • Cats
  • Polka dots
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Emojis
  • Unicorns
What materials are utilized to make cases for the iPhone?

Some of the materials utilized to make transparent iPhone cases are metal, aluminum, rigid plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather on the cover. Opaque materials like plastic, metal, and leather may be used as accents along the side or back cover of a transparent case. A clear case is made to be able to see straight through to the back of the device.

What are care tips?

Caring for a transparent iPhone 6s case depends on the materials involved. Synthetic leather and metals should be wiped down with a damp cloth and dried promptly. However, silicone, gel, rubber, and plastic can be removed from the device and washed completely with warm water and soap. Once the case is clean, dry it completely before putting it back on the cell phone.

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