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Clarks Originals Shoes for Men

A Buying Guide to Clarks Originals Shoes for Men

Founded in 1825 in England, Clarks shoes and boots for men are known for style, durability, and comfort. The company offers performance and fashionable shoe designs by using contemporary materials like leather and athletic soles for its boots, sandals, and other footwear. You can find new and preowned Clarks Originals shoes for men on eBay.

What Clarks Original shoes for men are available?

Original brand Clarks shoes for men include the Natalie lace-up, Wallabee style, and Weaver style, while other mens looks include classic desert boots, Sun, Tide, and Fishermans sandals.

Mens Trigenics are another original Clarks design, combining a moccasin upper and instep with athletic soles. The soles are designed for comfort, thanks to the use of sneaker performance technology. Trigenics offer color selections in cola, purple, teal, and gray as well as several types of leather and suede upper.

What comfort features are built into Clarks Originals mens shoes?

Clarks Originals shoes come in medium widths, so if you have a wide foot, you may be more comfortable ordering a size larger than you ordinarily wear. Durable construction and cushioned soles in each shoe offer additional comfort for every step.

Clarks Wallabee mens shoes have soft leather or suede uppers and insteps, crepe soles that are a comfort hallmark of Wallabees as well as similar boots and sandals, and low-profile cushioned heels. Weavers are a similar low-profile Clarks shoe that also boasts a crepe sole. Wallabee shoes include football and basketball editions that come in orange and cola leather colors.

  • Trigenix flex: These designs offer a sneaker fit and comfort level.
  • Wallabees: These are noted for their comfort, cushioned soles, and padded heels.
  • Natalie oxfords: These have an elevated crepe heel for comfort and cushioning.
How do you select Clarks Originals mens shoes on eBay?

You can find a wide array of new and preowned Clarks Original mens shoes on eBay. eBay helps you choose the right shoe by categorizing the footwears features. Categories include:

  • Shoe size: Sizes range from 8.5 to size 13.
  • Width: You can select the width of the shoe. Categories include narrow (C, B), medium (D, M), and wide (E, W).
  • Colors: In addition to black, brown, beige, and white, Clarks colors for boots, sandals, and other mens footwear include deep indigo blue, dark green, red, purple, and white.
  • Upper material: Options are leather, nubuck, suede, and textile.
  • Condition: You may choose new or used shoes.
Where are Clarks shoes made?

The Original Desert Boot was designed and made by Nathan Clark in England in 1950. Since then, Clarks has shifted most manufacturing to Asian countries like China, Vietnam, and India. Some of the brands footwear also comes from Italy and Brazil.

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