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Circle Y Western Horse Saddles

Circle Y of Texas has been crafting Western saddles and tack for more than 50 years. The typical Circle Y Western saddle is made of leather and features decorative silver or stainless steel embellishments, or conchos. Whether you are looking for a roping, reining, or barrel saddle, Circle Y may offer a product that will suit.

What are the main leather saddle types Circle Y makes?

Currently, Circle Y offers several trail saddle and barrel saddle options as well as other types for specific purposes like rodeo events. Specialty saddles are made for:

  • Barrel racing
  • Roping
  • Ranching
  • Trail riding
  • All-around riding
How do you tell if a saddle fits your horse?

Keep in mind that no specific sizing standards govern the saddle making industry, so each brand may fit your horse differently. You may want to consider the following when deciding:

  • Confirm that the saddle sits level just behind the withers.
  • Check that it does not tip forward or sit on top of the withers.
  • Measure approximately two fingers'-breadth of space between the saddle fork and the withers. This allows you to have a saddle that works when your horse gains or loses weight.
What about the bar type?

The girth of the horse determines the width and angle of the saddle gullet, which is expressed in terms of quarter horse bars. Evaluate the conformation of your horse to determine the correct gullet type for your Circle Y barrel or trail saddle. These tips may help you:

  • If the horse has defined withers, choose a semi-QH, or standard tree.
  • If it has rounded, less defined withers, choose a full-QH or wide tree.
  • If you have a draft horse, choose an extra-wide tree.
How do you tell if the saddle fits you?

The main measurement when choosing a saddle that fits you is the seat length, but you might also want to affirm that the stirrups are adjustable to fit your leg length. In addition, you should keep comfort factors such as cushioning and stability in mind. Consider the following measurements when choosing a saddle:

  • Seat size: The measurement from the base of the horn to center of the seat back, ranging between 12 and 17 inches
  • Stirrup length: About the length of your arm, or when seated, the length of your leg to the ankle bone
  • Comfort: Adequate seat padding, depth, and slope
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