Using a Pentax Charger for your Camera

You've probably used a digital camera to snap a quick photo or capture an important moment of your life to enjoy forever. However, you may have grabbed for your camera hoping to take a good picture only to find that your favorite vacation tool was out of power. A Pentax digital battery charger can help keep your digital camera ready for those momentous occasions you want to preserve for a lifetime.

What is a digital camera battery charger?

Chargers for Pentax cameras are small, handheld devices about the size of a deck of cards. The charger is intended to be plugged into the wall or into the lighter socket of most cars. It uses AC/DC power to keep a reusable lithium-ion battery ready to go while you are using up a fully charged one. When the current battery in your camera loses charge, you can switch the depleted lithium-ion with a refreshed one from the charger and keep both in continuous rotation.

What accessories do battery chargers typically come with?
  • Charger platform: The charger platform is a small device made to be plugged into the wall. After the platform is plugged in, you place a lithium-ion battery onto the connection points, and the device restores power to the battery over time.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Most digital chargers of this type use lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable over multiple uses.
  • European or travel plug adapter: Taking vacation photographs is important for many people traveling overseas or outside of the United States. Many digital battery chargers include round-pronged European or travel plug adapters to help encourage safer use while abroad.
  • Car charger: Many digital battery charger packages also include an adapter for the car. This adapter can be plugged into the car's lighter socket and connected to the camera's battery charger port. The car attachment is intended to enable consumers to recharge lithium-ion batteries on the go or on a road trip.
Are battery chargers universal for all types of cameras?

Typically, a charger for your digital camera will be specifically geared to charge batteries associated with a specific brand or model. To make sure you can use a particular charger, it is important to check the make and model and determine in advance if the charging device you intend to buy will be compatible with the size and type of the lithium-ion battery you have. Checking the owner's manual or the manufacturer's websites can often answer a number of important questions about the compatibility of recommended accessories.

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