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A Quick Guide to Buying the Right USB Charger Cable

Having the right charging cable is important to keep your phone ready to use while around the house or on the go. Find a variety of USB charging cables on eBay to keep your phone available for communicating at all times.

What is a USB charging cable?

USB stands for universal serial bus. A USB charging cable is a cord used to connect your cell phone or other device into a power supply so that you can charge it up. USB charging cables have one end that plugs into your phone and another end that plugs into a USB port. The power source can be a USB port on a computer, in your car, or on a device that can be plugged into a wall socket.

What kinds of USB charger cables are available?

Whether you have an Android or Apple cell phone will determine the USB charger cable that will be required. There are two basic types of charging cables for Android phones, the Mirco-USB and the Type C. Apple also has two types of charging cables, the 30-pin and the lightning cable.

Which charger is compatible with your cell phone?

If you have an Android phone, you'll need either a Micro-USB or a Type C connector. Check the model of your phone to find out which one your phone requires. But as a general rule, if you can only plug the cord into the opening one way, then it is probably a Micro-USB. However, if you can plug the charger in with either side up, then you probably need to buy a Type C.

With Apple, you can identify the kind of charger you need by the model of your phone. An iPhone 4 or older will require a 30-pin charger cord. An iPhone 5 or newer will require a lightning charger cord.

What are some features to consider when buying a cord?

Cell phone charging cords come with many features, styles, and colors. Here are a few to consider when looking for the right cable.

  • Material: Braided cords may provide greater durability and add aesthetic value.
  • Style: Colored cords can express your personality or break up the monotony of dull surroundings.
  • Function: Ergonomically designed cords can simplify cord management.
  • Flexibility: Flexible neck cables can protect the life of your cord and help you keep your phone in tight places.
  • Cord length: Longer cords can provide the flexibility to use your phone around your space while your phone charges. It can also allow you to use outlets in hard-to-reach spaces such as behind furniture.